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Rename file(s)

The pattern is a regex expression.

Files in the working folder and its sub-folders are looped and the pattern is evaluated against each name (a relative path to the working folder).

An important thing to note to avoid unexpected matches to the pattern: The matching of the pattern is not enforced to be from the beginning of the string, but the filename is scanned, looking for the first location where the pattern produces a match.

Taking the following working folder structure as an example. video.mp4 audio.mp4 out/video.mp4

Specifying only video.mp4 as the pattern would match both, the video.mp4 in the root of the folder and also in the out sub-folder. To match only the files in the root, use regex expressions at your disposal to make the regex pattern more specific.

For this specific example, a regex of ^video.mp4 would only match the file at the root of the folder, since it specifies the name must occur at the very beginning of the string.


    "tool": "utils:rename",
    "parameters": {
        "pattern": '-(?P<lang>\\w+).aac$',
        "to": "out/1234567891234567890123456789012_{lang}.aac"

Above will find all the AAC tracks and use the language extracted from each to form the output filename. For the input files:

  • test-en.aac
  • test-es.aac

Following files will be available after tool execution:

  • out/1234567891234567890123456789012_en.aac
  • out/1234567891234567890123456789012_es.aac
Parameter Properties Default Type Choice Description
pattern optional
to optional