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Checks if files in a remote location exist. This step either

fails if these files exist (mode: 'FAIL_ON_PRESENCE'),
fast-forwards the job to success without executing any further step (mode: 'COMPLETE_ON_PRESENCE')
fails if the specified files do not exist (mode: FAIL_ON_ABSENCE')


  "tool": "storage:check",
  "parameters": {
    "location": "s3://{aws-credentials}@com.castlabs.vtk.test/contentpath",
    "files": [
Parameter Properties Default Type Choice Description
location required A base URL from which files are downloaded (string)
files required [list value] Filenames to be downloaded before processing (list of strings)
mode optional 'FAIL_ON_PRESENCE', 'COMPLETE_ON_PRESENCE', 'FAIL_ON_ABSENCE' FAIL_ON_PRESENCE: If the files are already present the job will fail.
COMPLETE_ON_PRESENCE: If the files are already present the job will succeed without executing any subsequent steps.
FAIL_ON_ABSENCE: If the files are not there (e.g. if subsequent steps require those files) the job will fail.
role_arn optional The role to be assumed for executing the tool