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Shaka Packager tool - DASH - Widevine API

The latest stable release of the Shaka Packager with convenient commandline parameter mapping

Full documentation of the tool can be found in: Shaka-Packager


  "tool": "shaka:package_dash_wvapi",
  "parameters": {
    "inputs": [
        "input_file": "{mp4_h264_vid2000k}",
        "stream_id": "video",
        "output": "{video1_mp4}",
        "output_format": "mp4",
        "bandwidth": "1500000",
        "drm_label": "HD"

    "mpd_output": "dash.mpd",
    "protection_scheme": "cenc",
    "protection_systems": "PlayReady,Widevine",
    "enable_widevine_encryption": "True",
    "aes_signing_iv": "{aes-signing-iv}",
    "aes_signing_key": "{aes-signing-key}",
    "content_id": "{content-id}",
    "key_server_url": "{secret}",
    "signer": "castlabs"
Parameter Properties Default Type Choice Description
inputs required [list value]
output_dir required
enable_widevine_encryption optional false bool Enable encryption with Widevine key server.User should provide either AES signing key (--aes_signing_key, --aes_signing_iv) or RSA signing key (--rsa_signing_key_path).
aes_signing_iv optional AES signing iv in hex string
aes_signing_key optional AES signing key in hex string. --aes_signing_iv is required. Exclusive with --rsa_signing_key_path.
content_id optional Content Id (hex)
crypto_period_duration optional Crypto period duration in seconds. If it is non-zero, key rotation is enabled.
group_id optional Identifier for a group of licenses (hex)
key_server_url optional Key server url. Required for encryption and decryption
max_hd_pixels optional 2073600 str The video track is considered HD if its max pixels per frame is higher than max_sd_pixels, but no higher than max_hd_pixels. Default: 2073600 (1920 x 1080)
max_sd_pixels optional 442368 str The video track is considered SD if its max pixels per frame is no higher than max_sd_pixels. Default: 442368 (768 x 576)
max_uhd1_pixels optional 8847360 str The video track is considered UHD1 if its max pixels per frame is higher than max_hd_pixels, but no higher than max_uhd1_pixels.Otherwise it is UHD2. Default: 8847360 (4096 x 2160)
policy optional The name of a stored policy, which specifies DRM content rights.
rsa_signing_key_path optional Stores PKCS#1 RSA private key for request signing. Exclusive with --aes_signing_key.
signer optional The name of the signer.
default_language optional For DASH, any audio/text tracks tagged with this language will have in the manifest; For HLS, the first audio/text rendition in a group tagged with this language will have 'DEFAULT' attribute set to 'YES'. This allows the player to choose the correct default language for the content.type: string
default_text_language optional Same as above, but this applies to text tracks only, and overrides the default language for text tracks.
time_shift_buffer_depth optional 1800 str Guaranteed duration of the time shifting buffer for HLS LIVE playlists and DASH dynamic media presentations, in seconds.
base_urls optional Comma separated BaseURLs for the MPD. The values will be added as element(s) immediately under the element.
generate_dash_if_iop_compliant_mpd optional false bool Try to generate DASH-IF IOP compliant MPD. This is best effort and does not guarantee compliance.
generate_static_live_mpd optional true bool Set to true to generate static mpd. If segment_template is specified in stream descriptors, shaka-packager generates dynamic mpd by default; if this flag is enabled, shaka-packager generates static mpd instead. Note that if segment_template is not specified, shaka-packager always generates static mpd regardless of the value of this flag.
min_buffer_time optional 2 str Specifies, in seconds, a common duration used in the definition of the MPD Representation data rate.
minimum_update_period optional 5 str Indicates to the player how often to refresh the media presentation description in seconds. This value is used for dynamic MPD only.
mpd_output optional MPD output file name.
suggested_presentation_delay optional 0 str Specifies a delay, in seconds, to be added to the media presentation time. This value is used for dynamic MPD only.
use_legacy_vp9_codec_string optional false bool Use legacy vp9 codec string 'vp9' if set to true; otherwise new style vp09.xx.xx.xx... codec string will be used. Default to false as indicated in, all major browsers and platforms already support the new 'vp09' codec string.
video_feature optional 'HDR', '' Specify the optional video feature, e.g. HDR. type: string
protection_scheme optional 'cenc', 'cbc1', 'cens', 'cbcs' Specify a protection scheme, 'cenc' or 'cbc1' or pattern-based protection schemes 'cens' or 'cbcs'.
disable_peer_verification optional false bool Disable peer verification. This is needed to talk to servers without valid certificates.
clear_lead optional 0 str Clear lead in seconds if encryption is enabled.
fragment_duration optional Fragment duration in seconds. Should not be larger than the segment duration. Actual fragment durations may not be exactly as requested.
fragment_sap_aligned optional true bool Force fragments to begin with stream access points. This flag implies segment_sap_aligned.
mp4_include_pssh_in_stream optional false bool MP4 only: include pssh in the encrypted stream.
num_subsegments_per_sidx optional For ISO BMFF only. Set the number of subsegments in each SIDX box. If 0, a single SIDX box is used per segment; if -1, no SIDX box is used; Otherwise, the muxer packs N subsegments in the root SIDX of the segment, with segment_duration/N/fragment_duration fragments per subsegment.
segment_duration optional Segment duration in seconds. If single_segment is specified, this parameter sets the duration of a subsegment; otherwise, this parameter sets the duration of a segment. Actual segment durations may not be exactly as requested.
segment_sap_aligned optional true bool Force segments to begin with stream access points.
protection_systems optional [list value] 'Widevine', 'PlayReady', 'FairPlay', 'CommonSystem' Protection systems to be generated. Supported protection systems include Widevine, PlayReady, FairPlay, Marlin, and CommonSystem ( type: string default:
temp_dir optional Specify a directory in which to store temporary (intermediate) files. Used only if single_segment=true.) type: string default: ""