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Unified Packager - HLS with DRMtoday Support

Version 1.7.4 of the Unified Packager executable (mp4split) with convenient commandline parameter mapping. The tool can create HLS with Fairplay Streaminging and DRMtoday Support, more output formats are supported. Full Documentation: Unified Packager


    "parameters": {
        "inputfiles": ["tearsofsteel_4k_audio_ita.mp4"],
        "license_key": "{license}",
        "output": "a2/prog_index.m3u8",
        "stream_encrypt": 1,
        "streaming_key_delivery": 1,
        "base_media_file": "a2_",
        "merchant": "{merchant}",
        "user": "{user}",
        "password": "{password}",
        "environment": "STAGING",
        "asset_id": "{assetID}"
    "tool": "mp4split:hls_drmtoday"
    "parameters": {
        "inputfiles": [
        "license_key": "{license}",
        "output": "variantplaylist.m3u8"
    "tool": "mp4split:hls"

Full License: Unified Packager Licensing Contact our HelpDesk for more use-cases or a testing-license

Parameter Properties Default Type Choice Description
asset_id required
environment required 'prod', 'test', 'staging', 'PROD', 'TEST', 'STAGING'
merchant required
password required
user required
output required
inputfiles required [list value]
variant_id optional
fragment_duration optional
output_single_file optional
base_media_file optional
encrypt_key_file optional
encrypt_key_url optional
encrypt_iv optional
stream_encrypt optional
streaming_key_delivery optional
start_segments_with_iframe optional
iframe_index_file optional
track_groupid optional
track_description optional
license_key optional {MP4SPLIT_LICENSE_KEY} str
track_type optional
track_id optional
track_language optional