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Unified Packager - create HLS

Version 1.7.4 of the Unified Packager executable (mp4split) with convenient commandline parameter mapping. The tool can create HLS packages, more output formats are supported. Full Documentation: Unified Packager

NOTE: Create the key file (key.iv) below with tool "utils:write_bytes"
NOTE: The value for "encrypt_key_url" must start with "skd://" for Fairplay Streaming use cases.
NOTE: To support PRESTOplay SDK and DRMtoday as Key Management Server, "skd://drmtoday?assetId={assetid}&variantId={variantId}" can be used to enable Fairplay Streaming.


    "parameters": {
        "inputfiles": [
        "track_type": "video",
        "license_key": "{MP4SPLIT_LICENSE_KEY-DEV}",
        "output": "HLS_simple-enc/v1/prog_index.m3u8",
        "start_segments_with_iframe": 1,
        "encrypt_key_file": "key.iv",
        "encrypt_key_url": "skd://drmtoday?assetId={assetid}&variantId={variantId}",
        "stream_encrypt": 1,
        "base_media_file": "v1_"
    "tool": "mp4split:hls"

Full License: Unified Packager Licensing Contact our HelpDesk for more use-cases or a testing-license

Parameter Properties Default Type Choice Description
output required
inputfiles required [list value]
fragment_duration optional
output_single_file optional
base_media_file optional
encrypt_key_file optional
encrypt_key_url optional
encrypt_iv optional
stream_encrypt optional
streaming_key_delivery optional
start_segments_with_iframe optional
iframe_index_file optional
track_groupid optional
track_description optional
license_key optional {MP4SPLIT_LICENSE_KEY} str
track_type optional
track_id optional
track_language optional