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castLabs DASHencrypt - DASH with simple encryption support

The latest commercial release of the open source project castLabs DASHencrypt with additional features

Open Source Version: DASHencrypt

NOTE: Deprecated. Use "dash:encrypt2" instead
Parameter Properties Default Type Choice Description
tracks required [list value] List of input files, one for each track.
generate_separate_keys optional false bool If set different keys will be used for audio and video. When setting keys explicitly this option is not used.
generate_single_key optional false bool If set different a single key will be used for audio and video. When setting keys explicitly this option is not used.
keyseed optional Content Encryption Key for video tracks - in case no dedicated audio key/key ID is given it will also used for audio tracks. Format is '01010101010101010101010101010101'
license_acq_ui_url optional PlayReady License Acquisition UI URL
license_acq_url optional PlayReady License Acquisition URL
partial_encryption optional The partial encryption feature is no longer supported.
clear_lead optional Not supported in this version of the DASH tool. Use dash:encrypt2 for clearlead.
audio_secret_key optional Audio secret key
video_secret_key optional Video secret key
audio_secret_key_file optional Audio secret key file
video_secret_key_file optional Video secret key file
audio_uuid optional Audio UUID (KeyID)
video_uuid optional Video UUID (KeyID)
widevine_content_id optional Widevine Content ID (optional)
widevine_policy optional Widevine policy name (optional)
widevine_provider optional Widevine provider/portal
split_manifest optional Generates a Manifest for all resolutions below the given height, above the given height and the normal Manifest with all resolutions
adjust_dimensions optional false bool Will set all width/height to the same values within one adaptation set
outputdir optional out/dash str The output directory
explode optional false bool Write each segment into a separate file
timescale optional Sets the timescale of the resulting stream.
smoothstreamingcompat optional false bool Triggers DASH/SmoothStreaming compatibility mode. DASH and Smooth Streaming Manifest will be created at the same time
compresstimeline optional false bool Compresses the timeline by using the repeat attribute in case of DASH-Live manifest or Smooth Streaming.
verbose optional false bool Enable verbose output
avc3 optional false bool Convert avc1 tracks to avc3 tracks
subtitles optional [list value] Add subtitles (typically for foreign language when no dub is available) as TTML or WebVTT (.xml/.ttml/*.dfxp)
closed_captions optional [list value] Add closed captions (typically also replaces sound and assumes that viewer cannot hear) as TTML or WebVTT(.xml/.ttml/*.dfxp)
trick_mode_files optional [list value] Add reduced framerate representations to assist fast forward in players.
ma optional Minimum audio segment duration.
mv optional Minimum video segment duration.