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Bento4's mp4decrypt tool

Full Documentation:


    "tool": "bento:mp4decrypt"
    "parameters": {
        "output_dir": "out",
        "keys": [
                "key_id_hex": "6a0c8772672d4176ad1ebdb2788ec818",
                "key_hex": "3e7819e161c5462e88629ed352dd23b3"
                "key_id_hex": "b1d2623821624bff9c17d2ad1ccbc6de",
                "seed_hex": "186fa15007c946069a6f6777bf0a821e"
                "track_id": "1",
                "key_hex": "e21087932add4f10ba45093ff7b49ef3"
        "input_patterns": [
        inputs = [
                "input_file": "encrypted.mp4",
                "output_file": "decrypted.mp4"

Decrypts input files using mp4decrypt tool.

output_dir: the output folder to place all the decrypted files into. If omitted, it defaults to "out".

input_patterns: input patterns to process. If this is specified, input and output files in "inputs" are ignored

keys: a list of keys to use for decryption. Each key entry can have the following combinations

key_id_hex and key_hex
key_id_hex and seed_hex
track_id and key_hex

inputs: a list of files to decrypt. Each entry in the list can have the following properties:

input_file: the input MP4 file to decrypt

output_file: output filename of the decrypted file
Parameter Properties Default Type Choice Description
inputs required [list value]
keys required [list value]
output_dir optional out str
input_patterns optional [list value] str